10 Grad Gifts Every High School Graduate Will Actually Use

It’s grad season and we’re all scrambling to come up with the best grad gifts to congratulate our high school graduates who have worked so hard for the last four years! It can be hard to find gifts that are the perfect balance of creative, meaningful, and actually useful.

10 Grad Gifts Every High School Graduate Will Actually Use

1. A backpack

Whether your graduate is going into college or taking a gap year or going straight into a job, they will need a backpack. Some backpack companies that my friends and I really love are Herschel, Patagonia, and JanSport.

2. A laptop

This is an expensive item and a great grad gift to get for a grad by pooling money for a group gift. Or, if you have quite the budget and your graduate doesn’t yet have a laptop, I think a laptop is one of the most valuable things for anyone, especially college students. Depending on their needs and how much you’re willing to spend, you can buy anything from a Chromebook to a Macbook.

3. A laptop case

If your graduate has a laptop already, a laptop case is something that they will really appreciate and use a lot. There’s a lot of room to be creative and get the designs that best fit your graduate’s preferences, but any laptop case that fits their laptop will do. This is the one my friend bought for me when I graduated and I love it.

4. A planner

Planners are a grad’s best friend. Leaving high school can make it hard to keep track of a different schedule and everything that needs to be done. I have strong preferences when it comes to my planners, and this is the one I’ve been using. It’s held up really great and I would be so lost without it. Turns out, my roommate had the exact same one as me!

5. A bed set

Nothing says starting a new chapter in your life like changing up how your bed looks and feels. If your graduate is moving into a dorm in the fall, make sure you get a Twin XL bed set! This is the one I used and it’s been great.

6. Room decor

Changing up how your room looks really helps to signify a new chapter in a graduate’s life. It’s easy to get super creative with room decor or delve into their taste or even dig deep into memories. My friends and I printed photos of us and painted frames and exchanged them. We got the blank frames and I printed out the photos at CVS.

7. A reusable water bottle

I love my water bottle and use it every single day. You will almost never see me without my water bottle. It’s super important to stay hydrated in college or at work and having a good water bottle really helps to make that easy. My friend bought me this water bottle last year and I use it like crazy. Hydroflask is also a really popular and great quality water bottle brand. Depending on how much they drink and how much water they would want to carry around, you can choose different sized bottles and even designs too.

8. Headphones or Airpods

Headphones and AirPods are really important for almost everyone I know for listening to music, podcasts, or watching videos in public. Earbuds and Airpods are the most popular, but I know some people who love their full headphones too

9. College gear

If your graduate is going to college, they’re definitely obsessed with the school they’ve committed to right now. Get them some college gear and they’re sure to wear it! You can find anything from shirts to hats to even socks that say their college on it from their university website.

10. Gift card to their favorite coffee chain

Everyone’s dependent on coffee nowadays and if your grad isn’t, they will be soon. I received gift cards to Starbucks and Dunkin, and I loved having them for when I needed my pick-me-ups. I get the iced chai tea latte from Starbucks and an iced coffee with almond milk and half the amount of normal caramel swirl. I guarantee that most high school grads have their drinks of choice at their restaurants of choice too! Even if they’re not into coffee, you can buy them gift cards to their favorite food chains too.

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